Dry Spirulina Powder 35/80/200 gram

Spirulina powder or flakes

You can currently not buy this product. However, this Spirulina will be grown and produced solely with you as the end consumer in mind. A product that is newly produced and pure with all grow components kept at the highest standard and the cleanest of method of growing used.

All is grown in clean indoor facilities in Sweden. Air, nutrition, and water are clean and harvesting is done in a sterile environment. The Spirulina is grown and harvested to keep it as pure as it is possible to do.

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Spirulina Powder (35/80/200 gram) for human consumption

Available: NOT YET (you can sign up to the email list to get a notification when it is out and ready to order)

Available to regions: Globally

Amount: 35 gram

Production place: Sweden

Grower and Producer: HealthAlgae Sweden AB

This product is soon to come out. It is currently in test production. As a product, it will be purely produced in a totally clean and sterile culture with no other organisms in. It is grown under optimal conditions and with the best nutrient to ensure the best nutrient value.

The product is harvested to and dried in a very clean enclosure before packaged. When packaged it is stored in a freezer until shipment. This ensures no degradation of the product (read the fact text about this here: https://…. ). You should do the same (store cold and dark) to ensure that what you eat still keeps the top quality.

Shipping is done with the Swedish Mail Service (PostNord)

Delivery time
Within the EU: 5-8 days
Outside the EU: 5-25 days


HealthAlgae return policy:

HealthAlgae accepts returns within 2 weeks of receiving your order.


HealthAlgae refund policy:

HealthAlgae gives refunds when we cannot help you in regard to your order or if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. We will try to make as much as possible for you to succeed.



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