Sea Salt (900 gram) – Swedish Food Grade and Fine Grain (other names Sodium Chloride, NaCl or table salt)


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Perfect amount of sea salt for you to use in you Spirulina cultivations or to your food.

Amount: 900 gram (1.98 lbs).

For the preparation of your own Spirulina medium or for other food use.

Harvested in Spain and packed in Sweden.

Swedish food grade sea salt.

Composition: Fine Grain

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Use this quality Swedish food grade sea salt (NaCl) in normal baking, food making or as a component in your own Spirulina medium. In most standard Spirulina growth mediums between 1 to 5 gram per liter of NaCl is used. Sea salt also contains and provide many of the small trace elements needed for culturing Spirulina.

Besides Sodium Bicarbonate the NaCl contributes much of the Sodium used for keeping the right osmolarity in the Spirulina culture. By increasing the salinity infections from other algae and bacteria can be slowed down or even eliminated while the Spirulina still can grow. More sodium will at one point slow down growth and at around 60 gram Sodium per liter a normal culture stops growing. By increasing the temperature to up against 45°C (113°F) while increasing the Sodium level infections can be reduced even more.


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Sea Salt (other names: Sodium Chloride, NaCl, table salt)


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Delivery to EU is done within 5-10 days and to the rest of the world within 10-15 days.


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HealthAlgae Sweden AB, aka HealthAlgae, is a Swedish company producing healthy, clean and secure algae for human and animal consumption.

Thank you and great Spirulina cultivation or food preparation!


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