Photobioreactors and bioreactors for algae and Spirulina

This page will instruct you on how to build your own photobioreactor list photobioreactor and bioreactor manufacturers and show the photobioreactors you can buy from HealthAlgae. We will also list production yields and different photobioreactor types. 

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What features does a photobioreactor or bioreactor system for algae cultivation need to fill?

A photobioreactor (also called algae bioreactor) for Spirulina or algae can be really simple. The name photobioreactor is sometimes a bit too fancy actually. A photobioreactor can be the same as just a jar or bucket in which you grow your culture. However, a bucket or jar will not give you much of a yield or harvest and a good yield and good harvest are what you want. So photobioreactors are often optimized (such as the photobioreactors HealthAlgae sell) to improve and give your Spirulina or algae the best environment and thereby produce at the best optimum level for your need. Optimum level means the right temperature, mixing, nutrient transfer, light penetration, gas transfer and more.  

Optimized and high yielding photobioreactor and bioreactor system parameters

An optimized and high yielding photobioreactor or algae bioreactor system can meet and can control the following parameters:

Good mixing
This enables gasses, nutrition, and light to reach all parts of the culture and not leaving dead or otherwise deprived zones that are stressed or affects the culture negatively

Continues harvesting
A way of measurement or control to keep the culture producing at its optimum density where it will give the highest yield and harvest.

Continues feeding
The right amount of nutrition all the time to not give too little to starve the culture and not too much to stress it. To always keep the nutrient level and concentration at what the culture needs.

Temperature control
 Optimal temperature and as small fluctuations as possible up and down during the night or day.

Control of the pH
The Spirulina or algae have the best growth at an certain pH and to have the photobioreactor system to keep it at this most optimal level will also improve the growth. Here it might not be what the cells is most comfortable in but at what level the nutrient and CO2 transfer to the cell (and thereby improve the growth) will be the most optimal.

CO2 addition
Spirulina and algae are often a bit CO2-deprived and cannot get enough to fill the need. A photobioreactor system that can feed and disperse CO2 to and throughout the Spirulina or algae culture, but not too much, will improve the growth a lot. Carbon is often the limiting factor and to increase the transfer and saturation of CO2 into a culture will help a lot there. But the CO2 addition has to be well controlled. As CO2 is dissolved into the culture it will lower the pH. A lower pH outside the optimum or even outside what the culture can survive in can reduce your yield, So keep good control here. It is easy to see a fast drop in pH with too much CO2, even in a buffered culture. 


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Live Spirulina cultures for sale from farmers

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What is a photobioreacor and bioreactor for algae

What features does a photobioreactor or bioreactor system for algae cultivation  need to fill

Where you can buy a Spirulina and algae photobioreactor or bioreactor

How much does a Spirulina and algae photobioreactor or bioreactor cost

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