Frozen Spirulina

Here you can find a list and description of our frozen Spirulina products. We will also suggest how you can use it and what you need to think of. 

Currently we only sell the cultures from which you can grow and freeze in your own raw and fresh Spirulina. You can find these products beneath. 

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Sections in Spirulina medium

How to find a Spirulina culture

There are several ways you can get hold of a Spirulina culture. Spirulina grows natural in some saline lakes spread out over the world. So, if you live close and will travel to the vicinity, the first option is to go to any of these lakes and take a culture with you. However, here there is a chance that you get some other species than the commonly safe and cultivated Spirulina platensis.  

Live Spirulina cultures for sale from farmers

The second option is to go to a Spirulina grower near you. It is possible that they can sell you their Spirulina culture and you can start growing your own Spirulina from that one. Just be sure to get the specific nutrients they use too. This is good since the farmer might use a specific nutrient setup that the culture is more adapted too and if not followed will result in low growth in the start. 

HealthAlgae Spirulina platensis starter culture 500 ml and grow manual - clean Spirulina grown and produced in Sweden

The large and best option to get a steady Spirulina culture going with 10x concentrated 500 ml Spirulina start culture and a complete Spirulina manual. 

Great starter of your own culture with 500 ml 10x concentrated Spirulina culture, full instructions manual and 10 L dry complete growth medium ready to mix with water and use. 

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