About HealthAlgae

HealthAlgae is a Swedish company situated in the city of Uppsala, Sweden. We curreltly produce and sell Spirulina cultures (an edible microalgae), the complete nutrition used to grow Spirulina and the vessels (photobioreactors) that can be used to grow Spirulina. We soon aim to produce and sell Spirulina for direct consumption too.

Spirulina culturing
We grow our Spirulina indoors with an special and very clean approach. Since we use artificial light from electricity of renewable origin (sun and wind) we can produce 
and ensure a fresh product all year around.

We ship orders to all places around the world except the most extreme situated ones. If you are concerned if you can order, please contact us at hello@healthalgae.com. Export to North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania works smoothly and goes very well. 

Our vision

We at HealthAlgae has the vision and aim to be the top producer of clean edible Spirulina. That is, Spirulina which has been grown in an environment free from pests, toxins, pollutions and infections, something that are commonly found in most non-sterile Spirulina growth systems. When impure cheap fertilizers and polluted water are used in combination with exposure to rain and wind with insects and particles from nearby industries, much of it ends up in the finished filtrated product. In our production this cannot happen since all components used are clean, filtrated and protected from this type of exposure.

Highest quality 
Our process of production will also ensure that as little damage as possible will come to nutrient value of the final Spirulina product. In normal cases the Spirulina is dried under very high temperatures, stored for a long time and then repacked three to four times. This reduces the nutrient value of the Spirulina many times. By avoiding this type of processing and keeping the product well sealed and cooled HealthAlgae aim to and can produce the best product on the market.   

HealthAlgae doers

www.healthalgae.com - HealthAlgae - Spirulina producer in Sweden - CEO and Founder Marcus Nyberg

Marcus Nyberg, MSc.

CEO & Founder

The CEO and Founder of HealthAlgae, Marcus Nyberg, has a bachelor in Biomedicine and a master in Applied Biotechnology from Uppsala University. He has published and years of work experience within the industry around bioprocess engineering, biotech research and algae production. 

Contact HealthAlgae

If you are interested to getting in contact us to enquire about a product or shipping, feel free to send us an email at hello@healthalgae.com.

We have currently chosen not to display a phone number due spam calls.