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HealthAlgae is a Swedish producer and seller of Spirulina cultures and soon also raw and fresh Spirulina

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Spirulina grow kit

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Spirulina grow medium

  • Complete Spirulina grow medium SSD1+2 (80L)


  • Volume of 30 liters
  • Grow your own Spirulina system
  • Can be custom made to your needs

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About HealthAlgae

We aim to delivery you the best, most pure and most clean Spirulina you can find on the market. We grow sterile, harvest sterile and pack sterile. With us you can expect the highest quality.
Our vision is to be the primary and largest producer and supplier of clean algae for human consumption.

Frequently asked questions about Spirulina

How to grow Spirulina?

You can grow Spirulina in many ways. Simply put, you need a container (best is transparent HDPE/PE, PET plastic or glass and often referred to and called photobioreactor), tap water (without chlorine), a nutrient medium and a Spirulina starter culture. 

How to make a Spirulina nutrient grow medium?

To make a easy Spirulina grow nutrient medium, you need to fill five criteria: 

1.) You need clean tap water (without chlorine – chlorine can be boiled away)

2.) Nutrients (nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, sulfur, iron, calcium etc.). Most of the lesser ones can be found in the tap water and in NaCl. This, except from the CO2 is what the Spirulina will “eat”.

3.) NaCl in the form of table salt or sea salt. The salt will give salinity and micronutrients to the medium.

4.) Carbonate as sodium carbonate.  This will give both salinity, CO2 in the form of carbonate, and a higher pH.

5.) You need to make sure that the pH at least is above 8.0 but best above 8.5. 

Best pH to grow Spirulina in?

For Spirulina to grow it need to be in a medium above pH 8.0. Best is not to go beneath a pH of 8.5 and the target range to be in is between pH 9 and 10. As Spirulina grows it will naturally increase the pH. The pH can naturally reach as high as 12. But at a pH of 12 Spirulina stops to grow. The good thing with a high pH is that other algae and bacteria can’t grow in it or even die.

Where to get or buy a Spirulina culture or start kit ?

You can get a Spirulina start culture from a Spirulina grower or company who sells algae cultures. We at do both so you can get a Spirulina culture from us. You can also get the complete Spirulina grow nutirent medium and photobioreactors from us. 

Here you can find our Spirulina cultures, start kits and other algae grow products: